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Creative Strategy Bundle for you, your Brand and Business

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this is a custom designed long-term package created based on your needs and vision

The secret to creativity

Albert Einstein said...

is knowing how to hide  your sources.

Hey, I'm Sandra!

Your creative strategist,
Visionary, Designer and coach.

Afraid to see the big pic? I got you. I'm your creative partner in crime.

Our Blueprint

we will work within these 4 areas


Mindset, self-care and Wellness as you are the greatest asset of yor business. including Breathwork,  VISUALIZATION and HUMAN DESIGN.

Mind & Soul //


The Game Plan //


Talents //


Tools //


A step by step blueprint customized to your needs and vision.

Your skills and methods to create an undeniable impact in the world.

Systems, network and tools to automate and scale your business.




a              note


my creative work is empowered by Francesca's Breathwork Method.

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